Curriculum Vitae

Stig A. Eriksson – Curriculum Vitae

Stig A. Eriksson (M.A. in Elementary Drama, University of Calgary, Alta., Canada,
1979; Ph.D. in Drama Education, Åbo Akademi University – Vasa, Finland, 2009) is
Professor Emeritus in drama education and applied theatre at Western Norway
University of Applied Sciences, Institute of the Arts. Eriksson is an experienced
drama teacher and educator, and has lectured and presented workshops in a
number of national and international conferences and institutions, in more than 25
countries. His research interests are related to historical and actual developments in
the field of drama/theatre and education, including the broad field of ‘applied

In 2008-2010 Eriksson was involved in the EU-funded international research project
DICE (Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education, 2010: In 2011-2013 he was involved in an Arts Education
Didactics research program on Theatre as Bildung within the faculty, and co-editor of
the anthology Teater som danning (Fagbokforlaget 2013). And in 2014-2017 he was
involved in a national research project: Drama-Theatre-Democracy, and co-editor of
the anthology Drama, teater og demokrati (Fagbokforlaget 2017):

Eriksson was project co-ordinator of IDEA’s 4 th World Congress in 2001.

Eriksson is a referee reader in one Nordic and in three international professional
research journals:

Drama – Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift (NO)
RIDE - Research in Drama Education. The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance (UK)
NJ – Drama Australia (AUS)
Applied Theatre Research (AUS).

For a list of Eriksson’s publications, see: